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      BRANDT Swarf Screening System

      Designed to address a problem faced by many rigs, our swarf screen system eliminates milled swarf clogging and premature damaging of shaker screens.

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      Manufactured in stainless steel and with the attention to detail applied to the screens, the BRANDT Swarf Screen System provides a versatile, cost-effective, clean, safe, and hassle-free option for removing swarf at the flowline. Available for both the BRANDT AX series of shakers and for the BRANDT VSM 300™, the swarf screens simply replace the original screen panels, so no equipment modification is necessary.

      The unique AX and AX300PLUS swarf screens offer the only in-shaker removal solutions on the market—transforming a shale shaker into an efficient swarf removal tool.

      Each batch can be tailor made to maximize throughput based on expected swarf specifications.


      Plate design: A laser-cut stainless-steel plate ensures a slick finish, reducing the likelihood of birds’ nests forming.

      Protection: The system is proven to protect woven mesh screens on lower decks, dramatically reducing screening costs and improving HSE.

      Built to last: The use of durable materials and a proven clamping system allows the Swarf Screening System to enjoy an extended life cycle, resulting in lower screen costs and zero downtime.

      Weight: Using the same design principles as the AX Screening System gives each Swarf Removal Screen a weight of 6 kg—promoting ease of handling and simple insertion/removal.

      Storage: With the same physical dimensions as a standard AX Screen, each Swarf Removal Screen can be easily stored in a standard BRANDT AX Screen Rack.

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