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      A closeup of an RPM gauge on a M/D Totco system

      Digital Displays and Systems

      Our digital displays and systems offer electronic alternatives to many of our hydraulic drilling instrumentation lines.

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      Multifunction display

      The M/D Totco™ NOV-90i display is a next-generation replacement for the long-lived Series 2000 that improves upon our previous display while being as rugged as ever. The multifunction display offers intuitive, easy-to-access information about critical parameters right at your fingertips. Sensor inputs and signals are displayed with unmatched readability in various working and lighting conditions. A wide range of input options and output options eliminates the need for external modules and provides flexibility in pump monitoring, line/tension monitoring, weighing, and other applications.

      Electronic meters

      M/D Totco electronic meters and systems measure and display electronic rotary torque, rotary revolutions per minute (RPM), or custom applications with hazardous area rated options.

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