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      Stena Forth Cylinder rig in the ocean

      Drilling Structures

      Bringing together the history and experience of leading rig designers and manufacturers, we offer innovative rig designs and the service behind them to meet your rig structure needs.

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      Drilling structure designs for application in any environment

      Whether you’re dealing with extreme environmental conditions, designing a custom rig, or upgrading your current equipment, we offer a portfolio of standard drilling structure designs as well as the ability to customize a solution for your rig. By combining rig designers and manufacturers such as Dreco, IRI, Continental Emsco, and DSI, we have the unique background necessary for the most demanding and custom rig applications.

      Offshore structures

      We design and manufacture various derrick types for platforms, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, and drillships. Whether you need a standard derrick design or a newly designed product, each derrick is analyzed by our experienced team of structural engineers to optimize the design for its intended oil rig application, taking into account required capacities, specific equipment, environmental considerations, and third-party requirements. This allows us to create a solution that is tailored to realize its performance while minimizing the surprises that can occur in any given drilling structure application.

      Land drilling rigs

      Our drilling rigs are working in every environment across the globe and have become some of the industry’s most iconic structures in the Arctic, Middle East, and across North America. We design, manufacture, and support a wide variety of standard and custom rig designs with an unmatched track record for delivering turnkey rigs that use the latest NOV drilling equipment, controls, and automation software.

      • Masts and Substructures Reference Guide

        A technical view of our land structures

      • Land Rig Portfolio Brochure

        A comprehensive offering of all our land rig packages and structures

      • Offshore Product Reference Guide

        A technical look at our offshore rig equipment product portfolio

      • Steel Toe Walking System Flyer

        Our walking system offering

      Ideal Prime AC Drilling Land Rig
      NOV offers standard masts as well as custom designs for all drilling applications.
      Close up of Steel Toe Walking System
      Steel Toe Walking System integrated into substructure
      Close up of an offshore derrick
      Offshore drillship derrick in the ocean
      NOV derricks are an industry icon within the offshore drilling space.

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