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      An in-house engineering measuring a product for XL Systems Service and Engineering

      XL Systems Service and Engineering

      Expert in-house engineering and field service technicians.


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      We maintain expert in-house engineering and field service departments with an outstanding reputation built over many years. Engineering design experts can provide complete turnkey conductor design services including strength and stability analysis, fatigue life calculation, and pile-driving wave equation analysis. Our field service department can supply specially trained field service technicians and a full range of large-OD running and handling tools.

      Selecting among large-OD connectors can be challenging. These connectors often must function as both a drilling component (containing pressure and resisting hole collapse) and a structural component (supporting the well casing string weight and resisting environmental forces). Our engineers specialize in matching our products to a wide variety of applications.

      A field service technician inspecting product for XL Systems Service and Engineering

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